Data Integration Specialist

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Availability :- 30 days
Location :- Sharjah, UAE

The data integration specialist is an expert with deep understanding of integration technologies and architecture who works to model, execute and manage data integration practices that ingest, transform and provision data across various sources into an organized and unified view.

Primary Responsibilities and Activities

• Plan, execute and manage the integration of data across the enterprise’s data assets.
• Work with IT, business and data management teams to understand data needs and develop solutions.
• Develop standards, designs, data maps; developing and modifying functions, programs, routines and stored procedures to export, transform and load data.
• Collaborate with IT to design and model application data structures, storage and integration in accordance with enterprise wide architecture standards across legacy, web, cloud and purchased package environments.
• Track industry trends and recommend enterprise data integrations to accommodate users’ needs and business processes.
• Developing and executing test plans and scenarios including data design, tool design, data extract/transform, networks and hardware.
• Develop and maintains scalable data pipelines and builds new API integrations to support continuing increases in business requirements and data volume.
• Implements processes and systems to monitor data quality.
• Build and scale data warehouse systems while maintaining security standard, analyze and develop data architecture requirements.
• Daily system monitoring to ensure 24X7 availability of live integration for business processes Day-to-day support of multiple Production and non-production environments.
• Work on projects as needed in close coordination with Architects, PMs, Application architects, Development teams and Infrastructure team. Any other related tasks as required and/or assigned.
• Support developers for custom coding, code migration, workflow and concurrent requests.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or other equivalent technical discipline, 5+ years’ Experience in data integration, data warehouse, big-data-related initiatives, development and implementation.