Full Stack React JS and Node JS Developer (With MS SQL server)

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No of Resource :-1
Location : – Dubai, Onsite
NP :- Not mentioned
Email :- hr@staffconnect.ae
WhatsApp :- +971 529421270

Job Description :-

We are seeking a dedicated React.js front-end and Node.js back-end (Full stack developer along with database MS SQL experience) and as part of the Development team. You will work as part of a team to design and develop high-quality software solutions for web applications using React js and Node js.

React.js Developer Responsibilities :-

  • Maintain existing React systems, including fixing bugs
  • Design and develop new custom components to meet project requirements
  • Install and configure server environments for React deployments
  • Maintain and update project dependencies as well as fix any conflicts
  • Working with other JavaScript developers and software engineers to develop front-end and back-end architecture that is well-structured and flexible, along with the APIs to support it
  • Have strong experience and must in software engineering and architectural patterns. React JS – Job Qualifications and Skill Sets
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software development, engineering, or a related technical field
  • Proficient with the latest versions of ECMAScript (JavaScript) as well as HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of React and common tools used in the wider React ecosystem, such as Node.js and npm
  • Familiarity with common programming tools such as Redux, IDEs, RESTful APIs, Git repositories, TypeScript, version control software, and remote deployment tools
  • An understanding of common programming paradigms and fundamental React principles, such as React components, hooks, and the React lifecycle