Lead Engineer Web Digital

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Experience: 7+ years
Urgent Required


The Engineering Lead works as a bridge between product and engineering teams. This role uses customer input and information from key business stakeholders to design or re-design, develop, test and implement complex applications.

 Key Responsibilities

The Engineering Lead will:

  • Run agile project management processes
  • Conduct code reviews and make technical contributions to product architecture as well as getting involved in solving bugs and delivering small features.
  • Have strong experience and must in software engineering and architectural patterns. Technologies: PHP, Laravel, symphony, JavaScript, LinuxAzure, JavaScript, Docker, REST/JSON, Kafka, RDBMS, Open Source,ReactJs, etc.
  • Work on large-scale, high volume applications.
  • Have a deep understanding of software quality and what it takes to construct resilient and impactful solutions.
  • Foster technical decision making on the team, but make final decisions when necessary
  • Author project plans for epics
  • Mentor and develop engineers along their personal development path

Key Skills    

  • Analytical Skills: Must be able to analyze complex systems and develop appropriate blueprints to make it understandable and useable.
  • Communication Skills: Must be an effective communicator.
  • Team Building Skills: Must be passionate about building strong, self-sustaining engineering teams.
  • Collaboration Skills: Mustbe energetic, open and collaborative across all teams and roles.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to focus on details while maintaining the “big picture” view.
  • Agile Skills: Must have a strong understanding of Agile development principles and tools. Be passionate about failing fast and constantly iterating.
  • Development Skills: Must have a strong understanding of software architecture and design patterns.
  • Development Skills: Must have a strong understanding of software architecture and design patterns.


  • BSc degree in Computer Science or Business Information Systems or a related field.
  • 6+ years of engineering (software development) experience.
  • Strong experience in front end technologies like React Native, ReactJs, Angular, HTML5, Bootstrap, PHP etc.
  • Experience with at least one full cycle implementation from requirement to production.
  • Extensive “full stack” software delivery experience across multiple disciplines.
  • Knowledge of CI/CD frameworks.
  • Heavy exposure and implementation experience in modern technology, architecture and automation patterns.
  • Experience with Java, Spring, Camel, and Kafka
  • Experience with API architecture and cloud-ready development (Docker and Kubernetes)
  • Experience with test-driven development and software test automation
  • Extensive experience working in an agile environment (i.e. user stories, iterative development, etc.)
  • Hands-on development, DevOps and Agile delivery skills.
  • Contribution to the Open Source community is desirable.