Project Manager for Treasury Management implementation

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Project Manager for Treasury Management implementation

No of Resource:- 01
Location:- Remote
NP:- Immediate
Experience:- 3-5 Yrs.
WhatsApp:- +971 529421270

Key activities

Responsible to drive the project forward and ensure all activities are completed on time. They need to ensure there is the right governance, coordination of parties and facilitate timely decision making:

Lead the project from a day-to-day basis, liaising with the key sponsors / stakeholders and ensuring they are aware of progress and any issues.
This includes project updates to relevant stakeholders and key project teams. Additionally, they need to be able to know when to reach out to management (outside of regular project updates) to escalate issues and get their timeline response) and ensure all deliverables are reviewed / approved quickly.

As part of this, the project manager (or support) will be responsible for scheduling project calls, drafting materials, circulating minutes, collating updates / intel from various people involved and reporting these in suggested forums:

• Steer co updates to senior management / leads
• Workstream updates (e.g. technical and functional)
• Coordination of all teams – Functional, business, TMS vendor, IT. Ensure the right people are brought in as required. This includes:
• Ensuring the right internal resources are available (e.g. IT, architects, testing support) at all stages of the project
• Chasing people / teams that are behind schedule
• Flagging any concerns where performance is below expected
• Initial creation, ongoing management and reporting of key project management governance and documents:
• Project plan (including objectives, scope, timelines and people responsible) and progress against this. This includes getting agreement to the prioritization of functionality implemented and identification of any delays
• Risk management with a RAID log and work on mitigation strategies to minimize the impact on the project
• Budget for third party vendor, IT and other advisory services Benefits tracking, Steer Co and other project forum
• PMO – Logistics – booking rooms and travel (if required)

• Coordination of testing across varies people / locations, including recording issues and managing resources to respond to these Formal contact point with TMS solution including:

• Finalizing statement of work to support implementation
• Managing their time into the project
• Monitoring their progress and performance escalating any issues
• Review of progress against scope to ensure the agreed scope
• Link in with other teams / projects which may impact the project (e.g. ERP upgrades)
• Manage internal compliance (if applicable).
• Liaise with the business teams to commence and track agreements with banks for statements and payments via TMS solution (i.e. via SWIFT, API or host to host)
• Develop and implement change management strategies to address any resistance or challenges during the implementation process
• Conduct project closure activities and set up of ongoing support (post implementation) with IT, including lessons learned, documentation, and handover to IT
• Be the point of contact for all queries in relation to the project (e.g. from other networks looking to sign on)


• An excellent communicator (Written and Presentation) in English

Core Competencies:

• Teamwork & Collaboration: Pragmatic and supportive team player, helping build collaborative relationships with colleagues across Group.
• Communication: Emotionally intelligent individual with ability to listen, empathize and understand the impact of nonverbal communication. Engaging individual able to facilitate and present to big groups of stakeholders, including C-Suite level.
• Critical Thinking: Creative problem solver using reasoning to analyses issues, make decisions, and solve problems.
• Self-Starter: Proactive, “Can-Do” attitude and commitment to go the extra-mile to meet any committed timelines, and willing to fill gaps identified on the program.