Wireless Network Engineer

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Availability: Immediate joiner/30days notice
Location: Dubai

Job Description

The responsibilities and duties of a Wireless Network Engineer include the following.
•Installing, configuring, and maintaining wireless network equipment, network management and security including 802.11 b/g/n/ac standards and industry best practices for implementing high-density WIFI solutions.
•Engineer will be fully responsible for Surveying all Locations including (Malls , Hotels, Residences & office ).
•Optimize network performance by supervising performance, addressing network problems and breakdowns, and partnering with network engineers to optimize the network.
•Interface and submit a presentation to the concern team and follow up the opening cases & issues
•Prepare long term plan for enhancing the user experience at all Locations
•Devise, plan, deploy, and improve wireless networks from the beginning to implementation by collaborating with vendors, managers, and network engineers.
•Understand client requirements to be able to cater to their appropriate needs.
•Manage All Wireless related active components (controllers , Aps , Local radius , Wireless monitoring solution )
•Handhold other in-house engineers to train them on wireless technologies, besides guiding other non-technical people.
•Use tools to evaluate to test and tweak wireless products, such as routers, switches, hubs, bridges, virtual private networks (VPNs), among others.
•Design and validate the performance, quality, and reliability of the RF link.
•Design and implement WLANs and other wireless networks.
•Write manuals and document current network procedures.
•Develop and implement policies and classify and oversee access to protect network systems.
•Make sure that all equipment, including servers and the other network products, are well-connected.
•Devise and support radio frequencies (RF) link performance, reliability, and quality.
•Enable data and system protection by developing and maintaining mechanisms for backing up and retrieval.
•Collaborate with different teams to ensure the optimized performance of VoIP and other wireless telecommunication devices.
•Work with security team to evaluate threats, troubleshoot issues, and comply with appropriate security configuration standards of their organizations.
•Design and deploy changes to the configurations of clients as per the applicable change management process.
•Proactively handle all Wireless network security solutions.
•Make use of testing and diagnostic tools to assess and modify equipment.

Skills Required

•Candidates possess a good knowledge of relevant standards and protocols in Wireless Network Including (Aruba, Cisco, Huawei, etc)
•Have hands-on experience with various Platform like Aruba “Controller, Clear pass, ALE, etc “Cisco Platforms “Controllers, Cisco Prime, Monitoring , etc )
•Having good switching and routing knowledge.
•Very Good awareness about different technologies and all different models of access points and Air Monitor Platform
•Very good communication skills in spoken and written English
•Candidate must possess strong troubleshooting skills of drive test kit issues
•Able to work independently in the field
•Candidate must be responsible, reliable, motivated, organized, proactive, self-driven and learning-oriented.