Why You Need A Recruitment Consultant To Find A Job in Dubai

Anyone recently job hunting would understand there are two kinds of roles. Those listed by firms, and those specified by corporations. Businesses have clear options for selecting the placement consultant – The consultants get the appropriate candidate, in a short possible time saving precious time and resources.

Job hunters although frequent ask: why we need to choose a consultant. Below we mentioned what is the role of recruitment consultant important to get job in Dubai.

Here Know The Reasons To Choose Recruitment Consultant in Dubai:

1. Professional Representation

Professional Representation

Good IT recruitment agency do not only email off your CV to prospective employers. That has performed on forming rapports with appointing executives, who in turn trust their opinion.

A recruitment professional will sell you into a corporation, hence a manager cannot wait to read your CV when it does ultimately come into their inbox.

A request from a recruiter would place your CV on the top of the pile, while a usual emailed application can only vanish among the groups.

2. Access to Hidden Markets 

Access to Hidden Markets

Placement advisors are in the know about the job market. They recognize particulars about upcoming possibilities. A recruiter is constantly connecting with people, and as such, they become aware of upcoming assignments.

They identify seasonal shifts and plan accordingly. You can bet a recruiting professional is sourcing for these openings long prior to the corporation even knowing they have a vacancy.

3. They won’t Annoy Your Past Employer 

They won’t Annoy Your Past Employer 

Utilizing a placement consultant decrease the score of time your referees are contacted, which is vital if you wish for a bright statement from your past executive.

4. Thinking Outside the Box 

Thinking Outside the Box 

Sometimes your career way requires a fresh view. The IT consulting companies can recognize a rare gem; perhaps your blend of lab experience and your time spent in a call center makes you the right applicant for an entry-level technical sales position.

The recruitment consulting companies can also place you in connection with corporations you have not even heard of. Your next big prospect can be an prospect you never will have deemed yourself.

5. It Saves You Time

It Saves You Time

How long did you spend rewriting your CV for distinct roles? How many times did you make it past the first round? In case you select the right placement consultant you just need to make an application once.

Recruitment professionals can also give the possibility for repeat work or temporary employment while they assist you to find the one.

Recruitment professionals are also very productive in screening applications and following up with managers, so you would get feedback shortly about the position of your application, whether it stands as positive or negative.

6. CV and Interviewing Support 

CV and Interviewing Support

Several job hunters have just ever written one CV. Recruitment professionals look at hundreds of CVs only like yours per week; you will not be the first or last.

They can give you advice on the major components you have to outline. In case you have any spelling or formatting errors they must point out them to you. They can also let you know details about courses or certificates which will enhance your profile.

When it comes to the interview phase a placement consultant would have deep knowledge about the reason the position is open, the nature of the interviewer, and what they searching for. They also know who your competition is. It would make sure you provide a high interview.

7. Confidentiality


An IT recruitment agency would not provide your contact details and can maintain your job search secret in case you’re recently employed. This obscurity is double-fold, securing your personal information and making you look complete and sensual to probable employers.

8. Salary Negotiation

Salary Negotiation

You have completed a hard time and a corporation has provided you with a post. The wage is much lower than you hoped. In case you accept the recent wage you potentially would not get another choice to review it till a complete year.

If you put back for the more the employer can go away, and you truly need this job! Salary negotiation is a skill, and recruitment professionals know it in a better way. This is the consultant’s high interest to know the wage score, understand what you are valued, and ensure you receive it.

9. You Have Got a Friend 

You Have Got a Friend

When you begin a new part, the rapport with your placement consultants isn’t the end. Provide them with a call to see how things are going. Consultants know the stresses that are related to settling into a new post and can give an ear beyond your working area.

In case the post you received was a casual or contract post, it is likely the firm makes the payment of your salary and looks after your safety and health, they are your offsite HR contact.

10. This is Free 

This is Free 

Registering your information as an applicant with an IT recruitment agency would not cost you. So why would not you? Due to all of these factors, this is vital that you select the right placement consultant.

Connect with Staff Connect professionals, they will help you in finding the right job for you.

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