Oracle Support Partner in UAE

Staff Connect is an approved Oracle support partner in UAE. Providing complete IT solutions for small, medium, and large businesses through distribution and dealing with Oracle products.
By leveraging our comprehensive portfolio of products, Oracle’s industry solutions address the unique business requirements of certain industry segments. In addition to solutions for government, healthcare, automotive, media, and entertainment, Oracle enables you to reduce costs, speed up time-to-market, and acquire a competitive advantage.

Oracle Analytics Cloud provides self-service analytics capabilities such as data preparation, visualization, enterprise reporting, expanded analytics, and genuine language processing, all powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Your entire organization can ask any question about any data in any environment, from any device, with a single and complete platform. Cloud-based analysis and smooth access to any data source, regardless of its location, are part of its ecosystem.

Oracle Services We Provide

1. Oracle Managed Services

We rely on Oracle-managed services to run our operations. Whether you need third-party Oracle support onsite or remote, cloud or legacy, our Oracle consultants are likely to have dealt with your situation before.

We are the leading Oracle support partner UAE, providing managed services expertise and a track record of customer satisfaction. We can help enterprises and midsize businesses reduce IT costs and strengthen the resilience of their Oracle-based applications. No matter where your database infrastructure resides, we prioritize its availability. We provide 24/7 Oracle support for managing, maintaining, supporting, and administering your Oracle database environments.

How Do Oracle Managed Services Help?

A managed service from Oracle can be considered as remote IT support for your Oracle cloud solutions. We provide managed services to ensure that you receive the benefits from Oracle Cloud solutions by ensuring your system is updated, upgraded, monitored, managed, protected, and managed around the clock by a team of highly qualified Oracle Cloud experts.

A managed Oracle support partner will free up your internal IT team so they can focus on what matters to your business. In case they don’t already employ cloud experts, they can take care of any technical issues that arise.

2. Oracle Functional Consultant

Oracle functional consultants provide Oracle application solutions to a wide range of clients across a range of high-profile jobs. Consultants are required to meet with key users several times in order to analyze their business requirements and to map them. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions require collaboration with other information technology (IT) professionals. Oracle functional consultants are also required to develop standard operating procedures as well as end-user training materials.

3. Oracle Technical Consultant

Experts in the Oracle coding language are Oracle technical consultants. Within this coding framework, they are familiar with the standards used and the lifecycle and implementation processes. Oracle solutions may be used for a variety of industries such as finance, manufacturing, human resources, and more.

If you are considering this career path, you will require a computer science education. An understanding of how Oracle databases work as well as experience as a software engineer or developer will prepare you to use Oracle tools.

In general, you will be responsible for customizing, localizing, integrating, and developing Oracle reports. You will primarily be responsible for developing business activities using Oracle applications, modifying them to ensure they meet the specific needs of the company.

In order to accomplish their responsibilities, many Oracle technical consultants possess certain skills. From reviewing resumes, we were able to identify the most common skills associated with people in this position. In our research, we found that a lot of resumes emphasized concentration, troubleshooting skills, and attention to detail.

4. Oracle DBA

The Oracle database administrator is the most common type of relational database administrator. As a result, Oracle DBAs have been highly sought after. Oracle is widely used and trusted as a relational database. Users have direct access to data objects through a relational database framework. Over wide and local area networks, Oracle is commonly used by worldwide enterprises to handle and analyze data.

A database will need to be run by someone who knows how to do it. The Oracle Database Administrator can assist with this. Oracle DBAs specialize in maintaining Oracle databases.

What Is an Oracle DBA’s Role?

Oracle’s database administrators (DBAs) organize and manage data using the database software from Oracle. Data is managed securely and efficiently by Oracle database administrators for businesses and corporations.

Managing an Oracle database requires an Oracle DBA to handle installations, configurations, designs, and migrations. As well as performance monitoring, data recovery, security, backups, and troubleshooting are responsibilities.